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traffic school answers to pass

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Question: 1
Young children can sustain serious injuries from ______, which deploy even in a low speed crash.
air bags
Question: 2
Slick or wet, low-traction surface conditions make it hard to control the speed and _______of your vehicle.
Question: 3
If you are stuck in a traffic jam and you can feel your anger rising, you are experiencing an emotional challenge called ________.
Question: 4
One major advantage of push/pull steering from the low-hand position is________.
enhanced vehicle control because the arms stay close to the body and maintain a more stable vertical body position
Question: 5
One drink equals__________ in the eyes of law enforcement.
12 ounces of beer
Question: 6
Safety belts are being designed_______.
with pretension
Question: 7
A _____________painted on your lane at an intersection indicates the best place to stop your vehicle.
broad white stop bar
Question: 8
When you are tired your _________ shrinks.
peripheral vision
Question: 9
New pedestrian and school zone signs exist on the roadway to warn drivers of an approaching crosswalk. They are_______.
fluorescent yellow-green diamond-shaped
Question: 10
If intervention is not working, instead of driving with the impaired driver, then______.
call a cab
Question: 11
If you take sedatives, you could experience____.
impaired reflexes
Question: 12
Aggressive drivers__________two to four times more people than alcohol-impaired drivers.
Question: 13
Looking at the ground beside a moving vehicle helps you judge its__________.
blind spots
Question: 14
Alcohol begins to affect you__________after it enters your body.
approximately 20 minutes
Question: 15
In general, for males it takes the liver up to ________ to process approximately one drink.
1 hour
Question: 16
Text can be used with a diamond symbol to delineate__________.
reserved lanes
Question: 17
Side effects of legal drugs that can impair your driving include _________.
slowed reaction time
Question: 18
A lack of__________is a major factor in traffic crashes.
risk awareness
Question: 19
Inattention is a general lack of__________the task of driving.
focus on
Question: 20
Over__________people were killed in 2005 in alcohol-related crashes.
Question: 21
One of the most important things you can do while driving is to concentrate on the__________of your passengers.
Question: 22
Among those killed, teenage drivers have the highest death rates per miles driven among all age groups, followed by elderly drivers and young ________.
adult males
Question: 23
When you enter traffic from a stopped position, always yield the right-of-way to_________.
All of the answers are correct.
Question: 24
Highway hypnosis is related to ____________.
drowsy driving
Question: 25
By law, if you are involved in a collision, _________.
you are required to stop


jefferyj said...

a few more from April 2011:

When another driver travels at erratic speeds, weaves in and out of lanes, and sits in unusual postures, these are indications that the driver___________.

is not licensed
is distracted
XX is impaired
is lost

Safety belts are designed_______.

to automatically buckle
XX with an emergency locking mechanism
to automatically release on impact
to unbuckle automatically

Always __________ others who are already in the intersection.

honk at
accelerate past
XX yield to

If you are involved in a collision and the vehicles are still operational, _______.

XX move them out of traffic
move them to the opposite side of the road
move them away from each other
immediately take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic

_________is one of the factors associated with fatal crashes.

Driving under the influence
Failure to maintain lane position
XX All of these answers are correct.

Combining two drugs can intensify the effects. This is called_______.

XX synergism

Side effects of legal drugs that can impair your driving include _________.

XX slowed reaction time
reduced traction
increased visual acuity

If your vehicle begins to hydroplane, you should _____.

XX reduce your speed
increase you speed
veer to the right
slam on your brakes

Traction control systems__________the driver.

XX assist

Looking at the ground beside a moving vehicle helps you judge its__________.

XX speed
blind spots
number of occupants

If you are over-driving your headlights and you see an object ahead, you will_____.

need to execute a high-speed U-turn
be given the right-of-way from other vehicles
XX not be able to stop in time to miss the object
be able to stop, but may graze the object

The complex, integrated system made up of roadways, vehicles, and drivers is called the __________.

XX Highway Transportation System
National Highway Bureau
Highway and Motor Vehicle Bureau
Motor Vehicle System

The best way to control events that occur outside of your vehicle is to_____.

XX plan your route
never drive on a congested road
always have someone in the car with you to help you drive
drive only in the daylight

If you take sedatives, you could experience____.

blurred vision
XX impaired reflexes
bleeding in the bowels

Fatality related to motor vehicle traffic is the number one cause of accidental death and motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for people ages _____.

65 to 85
XX 3 to 33
5 to 15
1 to 2

When you decide to execute a maneuver, you will need a control zone of approximately__________seconds.

30 to 32
1 to 3
XX 12 to 15
4 to 10

l jenkins said... | Units 1-3 | September 2013

Unit 1
Question 1: To help manage risk, it is essential that you _ that can increase levels of risk.
Correct: remain alert to conditions or objects

Question 2: Roads that function as expressways and divided highways have high speeds and greater risk of _crashes.
Correct: high-impact

Question 3: _insurance coverage provides protection for damage to persons or property.
Correct: Liability

Question 4: Adjust your vehicle _to help prevent a dangerous event from occurring or to minimize the consequences of an unavoidable crash.
Correct: position or speed

Question 5: As a driver, you can lower the level of risk by _.
Correct: All of these answers are correct.

Question 6: _, the roadway, and your vehicle are all categories associated with risk that you should assess before you get behind the wheel.
Correct: The driver

Question 7: About one out of every ten drivers _.
Correct: is involved in a crash each year

Question 8: _is the temporary removal of your privilege to drive.
Correct: Suspension

Question 9: Evaluate weather conditions, the condition of your vehicle and other risk factors, including_, every time you drive.
Correct: your own well-being

Question 10: In the U.S., over 2 million people are injured and over 30,000 people are killed in traffic collisions _.
Correct: each year
Unit 2
Question 1: At intersections, look to the _ first.
Correct: left

Question 2: Our natural tendency is to concentrate on what is going on ahead of where we are going, so you need to check your mirrors_.
Correct: whenever you change speed or position

Question 3: In California, what is the speed limit near schools and senior centers?
Correct: 25 mph

Question 4: The_becomes critical if you are in a situation where you may be struck from the rear.
Correct: identification of an alternate path

Question 5: If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the "fault" of _.
Correct: the driver behind

Question 6: If you drive an SUV or RV, you need to be worried about clearance when driving _.
Correct: in parking garages

Question 7: New hand positions are encouraged on the steering wheel such as _.
Correct: 8 and 4 o'clock

Question 8: When a right turn on red is permitted, you must still _.
Correct: yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk

Question 9: High speed increases the risk of collision because of ALL of these things EXCEPT:
Correct: visibility is increased

Question 10: Enter a curve SLOWER than the posted speed if _.
Correct: All of these answers are correct.
Unit 3
Question 1: Drinking to have fun is called _.
Correct: recreational drinking

Question 2: In general, when you accept the privilege to drive in California, you are assumed to have given your _ to submit to a _ test if asked by a police officer.
Correct: consent; chemical

Question 3: All drugs issued under a prescription_.
Correct: have warning labels

Question 4: If you notice someone driving erratically behind you, you should _.
Correct: let him or her pass you and position your vehicle with plenty of space behind the bad driver

Question 5: When you combine alcohol with some drugs, the results can be_.
Correct: fatal

Question 6: Males can eliminate alcohol from their bodies faster than women due to having higher amounts of _.
Correct: the dehydrogenase enzyme

Question 7: Due to synergism, if you take two depressants together, it may be the same as taking_.
Correct: 3

Question 8: Depressants affect the_.
Correct: central nervous system

Question 9: On average in the U.S., one friend, parent or family member dies every_minutes in alcohol related crashes.
Correct: 45

Question 10: The amount of alcohol in your bloodstream is called_.
Correct: blood alcohol concentration

l jenkins said... | Units 4-5 | September 2013

Unit 4
Question 1: Law enforcement agencies categorize observable aggressive driving behavior as which of the following?
Correct: All of the answers are correct

Question 2: Known as "road rage" in California, what are some signs of aggressive driving?
Correct: All options are correct

Question 3: Negative thoughts that occur while driving often surface in the form of _.
Correct: hostile verbal expression

Question 4: When you detect your emotions beginning to dominate your judgment and actions while driving, you should practice_.
Correct: self regulation

Question 5: Other drivers depend on you to be rational and_.
Correct: predictable

Question 6: During each mile you drive, you make approximately_driving-related decisions.
Correct: 20

Question 7: If you experience microsleep, _.
Correct: pull off the road at a safe place and nap

Question 8: You are impaired when your ability to operate a vehicle is _.
Correct: limited or hampered

Question 9: One way to control distractions is to_.
Correct: inventory the ones you can control

Question 10: In California, effective July 1, 2008, you must use a _ cell phone while driving.
Correct: hands-free
Unit 5
Question 1: If you are approaching a controlled intersection with multiple turn lanes and you would like to change lanes, you should do ALL of the following EXCEPT:
Correct: Get into the lane as fast as possible.

Question 2: Nearly _ percent of the vehicles involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2009 were passenger cars or light trucks.
Correct: 70

Question 3: California law requires everyone under _ years of age to wear a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet while operating a bicycle, riding as a passenger on a bicycle, operating a non-motorized scooter or skateboard, or wearing in-line or roller skates.
Correct: 18

Question 4: _when you are approaching a blind curve to warn others that cannot see you coming.
Correct: Honk your horn

Question 5: Use your _to communicate to other drivers that you are in trouble, there is trouble ahead, or when you are moving very slowly.
Correct: emergency hazard lights

Question 6: On an annual basis, animal-vehicle collisions cause about _ worth of damage.
Correct: $1 billion

Question 7: Motorcycles are extremely hard to see if they are _.
Correct: approaching from the side

Question 8: Motorcycles that ride between two lanes is referred to as _, and is legal in California.
Correct: lane splitting

Question 9: In California, any driver who does not yield theright-of-way to a blind pedestrian can be charged with _.
Correct: a misdemeanor

Question 10: Reversible lanes are marked with unique signs, signals, and markings, such as_.
Correct: a red "X", which means the lane is closed

l jenkins said... | Units 6-8 | September 2013

Unit 6
Question 1: Many head-on collisions occur on two-lane roads when passing because drivers_.
Correct: misjudge the closure rate of oncoming traffic

Question 2: If traffic is traveling faster than the speed limit, resist going the speed of the_.
Correct: fastest vehicles

Question 3: When traveling at a safe speed on a freeway, select a lane that allows others to _.
Correct: pass you on the left

Question 4: As you enter the deceleration lane or the exit ramp, slow down and_.
Correct: maintain a safe cushion of space ahead and behind your vehicle

Question 5: One of the most important tasks to complete if you are going to drive in the rain, slush and mud is to_.
Correct: check your tire inflation and tread depth

Question 6: When driving in the city, _may help you avoid traffic, but they may not be as safe or they may increase your travel time because of traffic control lights.
Correct: side streets

Question 7: Prevent a freeway emergency by merging without_.
Correct: stopping

Question 8: Before entering an intersection, the safest searching process is to search _.
Correct: left, center, right, left again

Question 9: On the freeway, maintain a 3 second following distance. If the road is slippery or wet, adjust your distance to _.
Correct: 4 or more seconds

Question 10: One-way streets have identifying features including _.
Correct: All of these answers are correct.
Unit 7
Question 1: Large space margins on the roadway provide _.
Correct: visibility, time and distance you need to avoid collisions

Question 2: Many collisions become more serious when drivers _.
Correct: panic

Question 3: If your brakes "fail," one of the first things to do is _.
Correct: pump the brake pedal

Question 4: Traveling at high speeds requires_.
Correct: greater stopping distances

Question 5: The best way to deal with a tailgater is to_.
Correct: let them get in front

Question 6: If you experience a blow out in one of your front tires, your vehicle will _.
Correct: pull hard toward the deflated tire

Question 7: To reduce injury in the event your air bag deploys, position your body at least _from the steering wheel.
Correct: 10 inches

Question 8: _skids occur when the brakes are applied so hard that the front or rear wheels lose traction.
Correct: Braking

Question 9: Even if your vehicle has minimal damage from a collision, have the vehicle's safety features _.
Correct: checked by a qualified technician

Question 10: The proper use of safety equipment in your vehicle has the potential to _.
Correct: reduce injur
Unit 8
Question 1: According to the NHTSA, the combination of _ and _ reduce the risk of serious crash-related head injury by 83 percent.
Correct: front air bags, seat belts

Question 2: Check a rental vehicle for_before you leave the lot.
Correct: scratches and dents

Question 3: One of the most important things you should do before you leave the lot with a rental car is _.
Correct: check the location and condition of the spare tire

Question 4: The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are written in terms of_safety performance requirements for motor vehicles.
Correct: minimum

Question 5: Do not try to drive more than_hours in any one day.
Correct: 8

Question 6: _transport a pet in the bed of an open pickup truck.
Correct: Never

Question 7: Child restraint anchorage systems should have_lower anchorages.
Correct: 2

Question 8: There have been improvements to ABS including _.
Correct: emergency assist

Question 9: Every 30,000 miles, _.
Correct: service the automatic transmission

Question 10: Before you have work done on your vehicle,_.
Correct: get a detailed estimate that includes the service, the parts, and the labor costs

jithan said...

Q; Stimulants can generate a_____
a; false sense of well-being

Q;About__________in every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some time in their life.


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